Well, hello there!  Long time, no post.  I’ve got some great news for the nerdcrew out there that has been wanting some new content from the nerdcast and I.  I promise, it will be coming soon!  I’m personally am going to start collaborating with the Forever Gaming crew.  We haven’t worked out the details as of yet, but COOP streams will become a norm in the future.  Forever Gaming are basically doing the same thing that we are doing over here at the Nerdgasm, sharing their love for video games and tech geekery among friends and the interwebs.  Make sure you check out the links below for their content and give them a follow.  The future is looking bright for the nerdcast going into this next gen of gaming.  Our community streams are going to be loads of fun and we want to involve you as much as possible.

As always, game on.


Forever Gaming Website


Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (2013) PC – Screen Shot Gallery

Tomb Raider (2013) PC – Screen Shot Gallery [Ultimate Settings]

Summer Backlog Challenge 2k13

Summer is back! And with the warm weather comes the infamous “Summer Backlog Challenge.”  If you aren’t familiar with this challenge, you pick a number of games of your choosing in your backlog and try to complete them within a said time period.

My challenge is going to be finishing the following five games between the dates of June 1st, 2013 through September 1, 2013.


1. Bioshock Infinite (2013) – I’ve long wanted to play the Bioshock games, yet have never found the time to do so.  I had started a playthrough of the original Bioshock, but lost interest in it when I built my new rig.  Infinite, however, feels uplifting with the brighter colors and smoother gameplay.  I’m looking forward to this one.


2. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing (2013) – This is the most recent game that I picked up.  Since hack n’s slash rgs are my favorite video games and I enjoy the lore of the Van Helsing family, I figured why not?


3. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North (2011) – I enjoy the lore behind LoTR.  My buddy Blake talked me into this purchase, but I never got around to it.  I need to start playing more  RPG anyhow.


4. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger (2013) – an arcade fps set in the wild west.  Nuff’ said.


5. Grid 2 (2013) –  I love cars! I also hear great things about this series.  I own both, yet have never even loaded them up.  Time to give this a change.

I will keep the blog updated with any info on the challenge such as what I’m playing, when I finish a game, and what I think of the game once I’m done.

I’ve attempted this challenge over the last three years and I’ve failed miserably each time.  I’m in a gaming period of my life where I feel the need to actually complete games.  I have the motivation and feel that these titles won’t be overbearing.  LET’S DO THIS!

Game on!


SSOTD: STD bombs are less lethal

SSOTD: An STD bomb are less lethal

Who knew that this bomb was more powerful than an STD Bomb?

SSOTD: “Insert object here”

Here’s a steam shot that I took while playing Bioshock Infinite on my PC that I found childishly funny 🙂 Elizabeth is just asking for it after being locked up all those years.

Gigabyte HD7970 – Diablo 3 HIGH Settings

Welcome to a quick game play video. Today i’m showcasing Diablo 3 running it at high settings on the Gigabyte HD7970 OC edition. Recorded via FRAPS.

Game set to HIGH settings w/o AA.

System Spec:
ASRock 990FX Extreme4
AMD FX-8350 black edition 4GHZ
Gigabyte Radeon HD7970 OC edition
Corsair XMS 8gig DDR3 1600 RAM
Cooler Master GX 750W PSU
Kingston HyperX 120GB SSD
Asus VX238H Monitor x 2
Razer NAGA Molten Edition

Recorded via FRAPS and rendered via Windows Movie Maker.

Recording stable at 60 FPS. Combination on average runs game between 150 – 200 FPS and 120 – 150 FPS while streaming.

Thanks for watching!

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XSplit Woes

XSplitFeaturedImageI always said that I’d never do many rant posts; so I find it funny that my very first post on the site is just that…a rant.  Many of my friends on the interwebs know of my recent rig build.  One of the reasons for my particular build was for it’s endless streaming capabilities.  I wen’t with an FX-8350 unlocked eight core CPU to handle the stress and a Gigabyte branded AMD Radeon HD 7970 gpu that is just beastly beyond belief.  After getting this build put together, I started up some games that posted some fantastic performance results.  I then downloaded XSplit to throw some streams at my followers, just to end up with crippling freezes and numerous reboots.  All I can think about is the fact that I’m probably going to need to RMA something, but I don’t have any replacement parts for diagnosing.  I ran numerous stress tests and complete driver updates for nearly every piece of hardware in this build.  I was still having issues each time I decide to hop on  I’m sitting here looking at an unstable $1500 brick.  This is the time that I start to rage.  I decide to do another fresh install of Windows and start from scratch one more time.

IMG_5797After about 150 updates from Windows, everything seemed to finally be working.  I decide to give the PC a gaming break for one night and hook up my Hauppague HDPVR2 to stream some Nintendo Wii U games.  After getting everything installed and running properly, I started getting my stream on.  I tested multiple settings with XSplit, but I just couldn’t get it right.  Now, I’m not a streaming pro, but I’ve been doing it long enough now to know what I’m doing.  With constant flickering and an eventual reboot of my system, I decided to Google that shit.  After some brief research on the Xsplit forums, it seems that XSplit doesn’t play well with AMD 79XX series cards.  The part that blows me away is that this series has been out for nearly a year now and there still isn’t a working version of XSplit!!!  The 79XX series cards are AMD’s flagship series and these bitches are selling like hotcakes!  How in the hell does a software company like XSplit not release an updated version to play well with AMD drivers!?!  This is just mind boggling to me how something like this gets left in the shadows after a year of bitching by many 79XX card owners.  The XSplit forums have been blowing up with complaints and users trying to figure out workarounds with unofficial drivers that provide stable streaming.

m9pjwl1x1n3nvzf8x8rcThis situation doesn’t make me feel bad about my decision to run AMD, but it does irritate the ever loving shit out of me that a company like XSplit can’t be competent enough to release a stable release after a year.  I spent a shit ton of money on this rig in order to provide better streams for my viewers.  I also paid for a year of XSplit as well as subscribing to turbo.  I seriously hope that XSplit decides to pull their heads of their asses soon so I can get a working stream going.  Until then, I’ll keep looking for a viable alternative that provides similar features.  /end/rant

-Raiden Out-